Welcome to the O-Week 2023/24

German Version

The O-Week – or in German, ESAG – is a multi-day event in autumn and a one-day event in the spring, intended for all new students in Computer Science, Mathematics, Medical Physics, Physics, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, the Natural Sciences, and Data Science and Artifical Intelligence.

The ESAG in the winter term 2023/24 will take place during the week of 04. to 06. October.

Our program from Wednesday to Friday

Schedule of the ESAG

We organize the program from Wednesday to Friday for you. We, that are the student representatives (Fachschaften) of Mathematics, Physics and Medical Physics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences. We have joined together to form „INPhiMa“ and maintain this website here. For the program from Wednesday to Friday, the information on this page is therefore in doubt more current and more precise than the information shared here by the council of all student representatives.

Wednesday 05.10.2023

We will meet at 10:30 for welcome snacks in the hallway outside lecture halls 5J, 5K, 5L, and 5M (see map below) and then head to our unique and awesome ESAG theater! The theater is completely in German and mostly aimed at new Bachelor degree students, but German-speaking DSAI students that are new at HHU are welcome to enjoy it as well. The theater will take place in lecture hall 5L (information about the last theater can be found here). After the theater and another round of snacks you will learn everything you need to know for the start of your studies in the introduction course. This will take place separately for each subject:

  • Computer Science: 14:30, HS 5C
  • Physics/Med. Physics: 14:30, HS 5J
  • Mathemmatics und Financial and Actuarial Mathematics: 14:30, HS 5M
  • Natural Sciences: 14:30, HS 5K
  • Data Science & Artifical Intelligence: 14:30, HS 5H (Hörsaal/Lecture Hall)

When we are done with that, you will get to know the campus with all its hidden rooms and corners during our campus tour starting at about 15:30. We will divide the groups for this towards the end of the tutorials. There will be an English group for DSAI students, starting from HS 5H, where the introduction course for you took place. Around 17:00 we will end the day with a first barbecue at the two barbecue areas near the room of the mathematic student representatives room (see map below). Please bring your own dishes for the sake of the environment.

Thursday 05.10.2023

Today we’re leaving the campus and heading into the big city. If you study in Düsseldorf, you should know the city a little bit. We’ll start a little later (after all, we probably had a very long barbecue yesterday), namely we’ll meet at 16:30 for the city tour (meeting point Konrad-Adenauer-Platz, front of Düsseldorf main station). We offer you different thematic group tours through Düsseldorf. After the city tour there will be a smooth transition to the pub crawl. The meeting point for this is the Rhine steps at Burgplatz. The tour will probably start around 19:00. (or when more or less all city tour groups have arrived). During the pub crawl you will get to know the longest bar in the world. After all, a certain expertise in this area is required if you are studying in Düsseldorf.

Tours are available in German only, though you can of course ask questions in English.

Friday 06.10.2023

On Friday we invite the new students of the Master’s program Data Science and Artifical Intelligence to a brunch at 11 am at the university, where you can get to know your new fellow students. The brunch will take place in room 25.22.U1.52.

We’ll see all new students again at 13:30 for a rally across campus. Meeting point for this is the meadow behind the physics student representatives room. During the rally we will provide you with different sandwiches (vegan food available), so don’t worry if you didn’t have breakfast in the morning. However, we do not serve drinks during the rally. We recommend that you bring your own bottle of water. During the rally you will face various challenges as a team, which will require team spirit, skill and some knowledge! Loosen up and remember to bring lots of motivation and a towel! We hope you will get to know your teammates and have fun together! The seriousness of your studies can still wait. The best team will receive a great prize, but we don’t want to spoil it for you yet. Afterwards (from 18:00) we will have a barbecue again, because we are good at that and everybody likes it. For the sake of the environment, please bring your own dishes.

Map for orientation. If you already have questions about your studies or simply want to network with each other ahead of time, please come to our Discord server. There you will receive information about your studies and have the opportunity to exchange information with your fellow students about your modules or other topics. The server’s main language is German, but you are very welcome to chat there in English and ask questions in English.